Introductory Self-Defense for Women

Part self-defense course and part empowerment seminar, this one-day workshop is an introduction to the Celtic Warrior Women series designed to "Awaken the Fire Within." Rather than focusing on a specific martial art or defense form, participants in our Introductory workshop learn simple, basic techniques (both psychological and physical) suitable for women of all ages and fitness levels.

Warrior Mindset for Men and Women

Are you ready to embark on your own warrior path? Would you like to harness your personal power to awaken the fire within? This one-day class will delve more deeply into the themes covered during the Stir The Embers introductory course, including Integrity in the Moment of Choice, the "hero's journey," and embracing your warrior spirit as we concentrate on the mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of the warrior path.

Intermediate Self-Defense for Women

This one-day class will delve more deeply into the self-defense moves covered during the Stir The Embers introductory course, and will include more advanced techniques such as throws and strikes. We will also cover some of the psychological and legal considerations of physical encounters. If you're ready to build upon the foundations covered in the introductory course, this is the class for you.

Advanced Self-Defense for Women

Are you ready to learn how to kick some serious butt? Would you like to practice your self-defense moves at full speed and full strength? This one-day class will build upon the techniques learned in the beginning and intermediate self-defense courses and will involve role-playing scenarios with attackers in protective gear so that you can actually practice your punches, kicks and throws in a safe environment. Not for the faint of heart!

Impact Weapons for Men and Women

A one-day class teaching the basics of using impact weapons (sticks, staffs, clubs or improvised versions of all of the above). We will cover basic stances, impact points, strikes, blocks, tie-ups and control, and other techniques.

Edged Weapons for Men and Women

Have you always wanted to learn sword-fighting? Are you curious about the different types of swords you've seen in movies and in museums? Does the idea of stabbing, slashing or skewering a "bad guy" sound like fun? This one-day, hands-on class will introduce you to a variety of swords and knives and teach you some basic techniques for using each one.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival for Men and Women

Do you have a zombie plan? Are you prepared to survive the coming zombie apocalypse? This one-day class will teach you everything you need to know to survive when the undead rise (e.g., making an emergency supply kit, setting up defensible space, and fighting the undead with edged weapons and firearms). Hands-on practice with rapier swords and Airsoft® weapons is included.

Defense Against the Paranormal for Men and Women

Building on the Zombie Apocalypse workshop, this weekend-long class will teach you what you need to know to defend yourself and your loved ones against zombies, vampires and werewolves. We'll meet at a super-secret location to learn about assembling an emergency preparedness kit, identifying and setting up defensible space and using a variety of weapons to defend yourself against a paranormal attack. Hands-on practice with impact weapons, edged weapons and firearms will be included.

Custom Workshops

Stir The Embers wants to help you! Do you have an idea for a class you'd like to see us teach? Do you have a specific self-defense or warrior-path need we can help you fill? We can tailor most of our workshops for your small group or company, and we will even come to your location! We also offer private classes and individualized instruction if you'd prefer a more personalized approach. Give us your ideas!